Decorating clothes is our specialty

VRIK is a family company, since 2014 active in the textile and advertising industries.We specialise in decorating fabrics with the use of Direct-to-Garment (DTG) and a Storm II 931 printer of the Kornit company. It means that we can print virtually anything, starting from simple logos and ending with colourful photos.

We also offer digital embroidery (MELCO embroidery machine and an SWF six-head embroidery machine), screen printing and many other methods used to decorate fabrics, thanks to which we can create unique products especially for you.

Our projects are highly valued also outside Poland. We regularly cooperate with companies from Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, France, Croatia, and many other countries around the world.

Marking methods

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Digital Direct To Garment Printing (DTG)

Thanks to technology developed by Kornit (Storm II 931), we can print durable and inexpensive designs without any limitations when it comes to colours and even if you only want to order one piece. It means that we can easily and cheaply print not only personalized designs, but also photos and complex colourful graphics. The size of your print can be up to 50x70 cm.

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Digital embroidery

MELCO embroidery machine can embroider any logo, design or inscription on textiles, pre-cut fabrics, hats and other materials. When a larger number of copies is needed, we use 6-head SWF embroidery machine, which is perfect for machine embroidery, badges and 3D embroidery. We can embroider on almost any type of material and fabric.

Thread colours are chosen from MADEIRA Polyneon colour chart, which guarantees the durability of our embroidery. Products such as workwear, towels and dressing gowns can be washed in high temperature.

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Sumblimation printing

It is a printing technique which makes use of sublimation. In this process, transfer paper with the printed design is placed on the fabric (usually polyester fabric).

There are two types of sublimation:

- direct sublimation, which is used for white fabrics. There are no colour limits, it is a durable printing method perfect not only for polyester fabrics.

- indirect sublimation, which is used for colourful polyester fabrics.

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Screen printing

It is the most common and the oldest method of decorating fabrics. It makes it possible to print a large number of copies and is characterized by high print durability. However, the number of colours is limited and this method cannot be used to print e.g. one T-shirt due to production costs (preparing the screen). On the other hand, a huge advantage of this method is the possibility of using interesting and non-standard inks, for example to achieve a fluorescent, metallic or raised effect.

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Flex and Flock foil

This is a kind of inscription transferred on a fabric with the use of high temperature. The inscription is cut out with the use of a plotter, and then welded on a flat press. An asset of marking with the use of flex and flock foil is remarkable durability (at high temperatures of washing as well), and the fact that the colours of foil are really interesting. Other methods of marking, in particular, marking with the use of flock foil, which looks like so-called moss, do not make it possible to achieve this kind of visual appeal. We can mark even just one piece on the majority of materials, however, most possible graphic patterns are in one colour; showing fine details is usually impossible.

Fabrics from renowned companies

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We use clothes manufactured by several famous and renowned companies which deliver promotional textile products to the European market. Because of that, all fabrics that we use with comply with restrictive EU requirements and have relevant certificates. We also offer baby clothes and many products made of organic cotton.

Below, you can see some raw materials that we offer. We also offer products such as trousers, jumpers, fleece, workwear, fashion clothes and a lot more.

If you are interested in a particular brand or custom-made products, don’t hesitate to contact us because we can definitely offer what you’re looking for.

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Do you need a graphic design?

Create it yourself with our design tool

Create an amazing gift for any occasion or express yourself through your own design!

Our design tool enables you to choose a T-shirt, sweatshirt or baby bodysuit.

You can easily create your own unique design by uploading your photo and adding a caption, image or some other elements for any occasion.

Do you have a ready-made design?

No problem! All you need to do is select the type and colour of your product and upload your design!

Check out our collections of ready projects

Zdjęcie rysowanej żarówki na kartce jako metafora świetnego pomysłu.

Check what we have prepared for you! Our graphic designers together with the creative department devoted more than one night and more than one day, blood, sweat and hectoliters of coffee. Everything to do projects that will create the much-desired WOW effect! In our opinion, they went well. You do not believe? Then click and see!

Modern and efficient machinery

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Digital printing

We know that the best results can only be achieved when you work with the best equipment in the world. This is why we are one of the first companies in Poland which uses world-class Kornit Storm ll 931 printer manufactured by Kornit Digital, the world’s number one printer manufacturer.

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Digital embroidery

Our 6-head SWF embroidery machine and MELCO embroidery machine can embroider any design on textiles, pre-cut fabrics, hats and other materials. Digital embroidery, badges and 3D embroidery are a piece of cake for these machines. We can embroider on almost any type of material and fabric.

We have been trusted by Internet and sports stars

In the last few years, we have won regular customers, such as: Rafał Sonik (a Dakar Rally winner, six-time winner of FIM World Cup and five-time Polish Champion of enduro rallies), GetHero (a creative agency which brings together Polish youtubers and cooperates with brands such as Coca Cola, LG, X-Kom and Garnier), Rezi (one of the best known Polish youtubers), Multi (a rapper and songwriter, a member of Young Family Label).

For years, we have cooperated with VRIK on clothes printing. Every time, we have been satisfied with quality, the speed of execution and customer service. I highly recommend this company

Tobiasz Wybraniec

President of GetHero sp z o.o.

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Check out what we have created for our customers

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National and International Customer Consultant

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We remain at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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VRIK S.C., os. Dąbrówki 1A, 44-286 Wodzisław Śląski, Śląsk, Polska

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